Minecaves 2

Minecaves 2

Date added: 22/09/2018

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Minecaves 2 is the second edition of the mine cave explorer arcade game series that you can play here on Abc ya 2020. Steve is the character and his story continues as this time he is exploring deep dungeons in search of gemstones.

There are plenty of different traps and monsters that you must avoid to make sure that journey is successful. You must plan your route carefully to avoid all of these whilst still collecting the gems. There are 25 fun filled levels to complete all filled with puzzles and obstacles that you must overcome. Have fun!

After finishing each stage, you can visit the store and buy more. With addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics, this game is worth to play. Enjoy more games at http://www.abcya3games.com/ in your free time. Some great choices for you are Neuronball & Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

Game controls:

Keyboard arrows to move your character

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