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Date added: 24/01/2019

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Kazap.io's game tells the story of space battleships on distant galaxies. At abcya 3 online games, you have to fly your battleship through outer space and absorb lots of orbs to make it as large and strong as possible. Find other ships to destroy them with your cannons and leave your name right on the top of the leaderboard. That’s why it’s always nice to have a simple, but well developed multiplayer online IO spaceship battle game to count on.

The goal of the game is the score as high as possible. You can go it alone, or use the party link and work with your friends. Collect orbs and destroy enemies to increase your score. As your score goes up, you grow in size and become more powerful. Your shots do more damage, your field of view increases, but your rate of fire and turning rate decrease. Once you hit size 60, you will be visible on the minimap for all players to hunt down, so make sure your sniping skills are up to the task - Even the smallest ship does enough damage to take you down quickly! 

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Game controls:

Arrows = move 

X / K = shoot 

Shift / Space bar = turbo 

Z / L = stop

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